How to use Grammarly and Who Should use it


Grammarly is a website and service that helps you improve your English grammar, spelling, and writing skills. 

This website is described as a free tool to proofread and edit texts in English. This software helps you make your writing clearer by flagging spelling and grammar errors.

But does Grammarly is regarded by its developers as the best program to help you improve your writing?

We’ll help you find out in my comprehensive review about Grammarly. Stay tuned!

Grammarly was used for 30 days by me to find the answer to this question. I learned how Grammarly works. 

I will all download Grammarly for free and give it a try. Grammarly detects many errors in writings by many authors. The free version does not have all the features that Grammarly has. I also will answer the question and show you how Grammarly works. 

Who should use Grammarly

Grammarly can be used by anyone who works in a professional capacity. It will allow you to ensure that your emails and documents are error-free. Grammarly is recommended for non-native English speakers.

Even though you may be fluent in English, mistakes can sneak into your writing. 

These are some people who might find Grammarly useful:

  • Copywriters, marketers, and content writers.
  • Bloggers.
  • Authors.
  • Students.
  • People who looking to create professional emails, presentations, or social media posts.
  • Managers and owners of digital businesses, as well as anyone else who needs to verify that content isn’t plagiarising, can use

The Premium subscription includes some advanced features. If you want to create unique content, you should consider a premium subscription.

These new features will allow you to create more complicated proofreading rules the more you use them.

Use Grammarly services (Paid account)

  • Corrective action for the saplings
  • Reading comprehension improved with these sentences
  • Use correct punctuation marks
  • Offer better terms.
  • Make sure to correct the rules in writing.
  • The tone can be improved.
  • Measuring quotation ratio plagiarism.

How to use Grammarly

You can use Grammarly in many ways. You can use it directly from the website, download a browser extension, or even install the Grammarly keyboard app for your smartphone.

Registering an account to use the site is a simple process. You can either do it yourself or follow these steps:

1. Visit Grammarly: You can choose to log in using Google Account, Facebook, or Apple. If you prefer to use the email to register, click the Next Step after clicking doesn’t have an Account.

2. Next, fill in the data as shown.

4. Next, click Skip personalization. Personalizing the account (telling them you’re a student and wish to change the rules) will make the site recognize you.

5. Now, the final step is to be able to access the site and use it.

6. Skip the pop-up.

You will now see the pre-written text for the experiment. We will edit and delete the text and then write the correct text. See the following image:

You cannot access certain services if you have a free account. To take advantage of all the services, you must subscribe to the site.

Grammarly can be used on the website: You can either write text or upload a WordPress file, as shown in the following image:

You can also download Grammarly for your computer using the second method.

  • Get the add-on to Google Chrome
  • Firefox add-on available here
  • Get the software for Windows.

Once you have downloaded the add-on you will need to log in to your account to activate it in the browser. The add-on will be at the top of the browser. It will also automatically submit corrections suggestions when you write in English on almost all sites. The add-on can be used on Twitter, Facebook, or any other website, as well as when you send an email. 

The third and final method uses Grammarly Keyboard for smartphones.

  • Download for iPhone
  • Download for Android

After downloading the app, activate the keyboard to access the numbers. Automatic corrections will be offered when you write in English.

Subscribe to the paid services and receive special prices

  • The writing style is important.
  • Offer better terms.
  • It should be easy to read.
  • Windows software integration
  • Clarify the rule and correct the error.
  • You can check the plagiarism ratio.
  • Provide a definition and other similar terms.
  • Access files on different devices.
  • Pricing and Packages

Each month, a $29.95 monthly subscription is required.

Three months subscription at $19.98 per month, payable every three months

An annual subscription of $11.66/month, payable annually

Prices are change from time to time. You can also visit this site for more information about features and prices.

How to use Grammarly in google docs

Let’s now get into how Grammarly works with Google Docs. First, download the Grammarly Google Chrome extension via the Google Marketplace.

Log in with your email to access the Google Chrome Store.

Type Grammarly for Chrome into the search bar. To install the extension, click on the Add to Chrome link.

After you have downloaded Grammarly, the Google Docs Grammarly Extension is automatically installed. Click on Extensions in the browser’s top bar and choose Grammarly for Chrome from a drop-down menu.

This drop-down lists all Chrome extensions that you have installed. If you plan to use the extension frequently, click on the Pin option.

Next, click the Turn it On option.

After the extension has been turned on, open the Google document and refresh it. Look for a button located in the lower right corner. Click on the Grammarly icon to run the article. Grammarly for Google Docs now works smoothly.

Now you will see that the circle indicates a number.

It will open the Grammarly sidebar. Click on it. The Grammarly sidebar will open. You will see suggestions and corrections to grammar.

Advanced grammar suggestions will be provided to help improve your text. Grammarly is available for Google Docs. Grammarly will suggest a topic that you like, and you can accept or reject it.

The problems might you encounter when you use Grammarly 

Grammarly is an excellent addition to the writing process. However, some users have had difficulties using it.

First, the Grammarly browser extension slows down your typing speed when you use a web browser. If you are typing fast, Grammarly will slow down your typing speed. Grammarly also checks each word for spelling errors.

You can bypass this by turning off the Internet browser extension. 

Instead, use a computer program (desktop edition) to copy the draft into a new document and verify for errors.

Some users might prefer to use the Internet browser extension in its current form without going through this extra step. You can paste drafts into your desktop program.

Grammarly is very aggressive when you want to upgrade to Premium. You can always click on the option to subscribe to the premium version. There will be regular emails asking for you to upgrade to the paid version.


I have now finished the English Grammar Correction Site topic and provided you with a Grammarly English language correction tool. I want everyone to understand the steps and have clear explanations. How to download the Grammarly computer program and use the best grammar correction site in the world. 

I hope you have a pleasant learning experience about the most famous English Grammar correction tool. The program can also be used to help you in your professional and educational endeavors. Please share the information with your family and friends to show support.


Where is situated Grammarly Sidebar on Google Docs?

After installing Grammarly Extension for Chrom, click the small circle at the bottom right-hand side of the Google Doc. After this step, the sidebar will appear.

Do students allowed to use Grammarly?

Grammarly, in my opinion is a wonderful tool for college students. It is a great tool that I highly recommend to my students. You will get better grades as your writing will be clearer. Grammarly claims that Grammarly has helped 98% of students get better grades.

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