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If you’re thinking about creating your WordPress blog or changing the theme of your blog, then we will look into The GP Theme.

GeneratePress is among the fastest and most effective WordPress themes available right now. The theme comes with an option for both premium and free versions. For this GeneratePress theme review, we’re focused specifically on the premium edition. In the future, we’ll also talk about the GP free version.

GeneratePress Review 

In this GeneratePress Review, we will examine each feature included when purchasing the theme. We will also discuss how you can utilize the theme functionality to create a site.

What is GeneratePress?

GeneratePress is a free, lightweight WordPress theme. You can use it to build a blog, portfolio, or business site, or to create an eCommerce website with the Woocommerce plugin, etc.


generatepress review

Before we begin our GeneratePress review, let’s learn the details on GP Theme.

  • It is a WordPress Theme
  • It’s a light Multipurpose Theme.
  • The current GeneratePress pricing themes includes just $59/year for a year, and the price is $249 to get a lifetime subscription.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee with no hassle.
  • 1 year of updates, support on the annual plan, and lifetime updates/support with the lifetime deal.
  • Tom Usborne, Founder, and Lead Developer.
  • 40% off on the annual renewals for customers who are old with no reduction for renewal discount to new clients.
  • You can use the theme for at least 500 sites.
  • Dedicated Team and Support.
  • The GP Theme is Gutenberg Ready.
  • Fully translated across 30+ languages.
  • Completely Supports RTL languages.
  • Access to site library and modules.
  • GP WPML and WPML are completely compatible.

Generatepress Free vs Premium

If you’re looking to compare Generatepress free and premium, you’re aware it is a premium theme that includes numerous features. If you decide to try a free version, it is possible to download this theme for free without cost through GeneratePress’s official site. 

To upgrade to the premium version, you will need to pay $59 per year or 249 to get GeneratePress lifetime subscription that requires a single payment, as I’ve mentioned previously. 

You can modify the theme depending on your preferences. There’s a 60+ site demo that you can download before making your site. The complete list of details about GeneratePress Premium Modules is below:

GeneratePress Premium

In the premium edition of GP Theme, you can discover a variety of options. It is possible to explore all the features including Backgrounds, Blogs Colors, Copyright and disabling Elements, Elements, Menu Plus Secondary Nav Sections, and Library of Sites Spacing Typography.

To activate the premium module: GeneratePress > Modules Active

GeneratePress Premium
  • Backgrounds: The module allows to include background images on the website.
  • Blog: Customize the image of the blog column, archive, and columns by using the Blog Module within the Customizer section.
  • Colors: Play with the different colors for the header, body navigation, widgets, and Footer section.
  • Copyright: Edit or alter the copyright for the website’s footer section.
  • Enable elements: Disable various elements by navigating through the posts/pages of your website.
  • Elements: are the most crucial elements in GeneratePress Theme – add dynamic heroes and advanced hooks that allow you to personalize the theme.
  • Menu Plus: Menu Plus Module can make the menu stick on the canvas, off-canvas navigation, mobile header, etc.
  • Secondary Navigation: With Secondary navigation, it is possible to add a menu with typography, layout, and more.
  • Sections: Break up the content and make it look more stunning by using the Sections Module.
  • Site Library: Take advantage of more than 46 libraries, load the demo site’s content and demo site, and then launch your site in a minutes.
  • Spacing: Control Margin and Padding with Spacing Modules Control the size of GeneratePress.
  • Typography: Choose more than 70 different Google fonts to design your website.
  • Woocommerce: Install the woocommerce plugin and activate the WC module to design checkout and product pages on your online store.



Background Module lets you include background images on the website. The eligible section has background options, so you can import images, adjust sizes, positions, etc.



Modify the featured images, columns, and archives with the Blog Module of the Customizer. Choose and manage options such as the date of the post author’s tags, categories, and featured images. within the blog module.



Explore different colors in the header, body Widgets, Navigation, and Sections for footers. There are more than 60 colors to choose from through the customizer.

You can color each part of the theme, including the top bar, body header, primary navigation, button content, footer, forms widgets, and more.


The copyright module lets you edit or modify the copyright for the website’s footer section.

Disable Elements

Switch off different elements by navigating through pages or posts on your website. The disabled elements section is on the level of the page or post.

Disable Elements


Element is the main element that is part of GeneratePress Theme that helps to include dynamic heroes, advanced hooks, Layouts, etc.

A majority of the advanced features are possible to implement using the Elements Module. Developers and users utilize this module the majority of the time to modify and create sophisticated customization.

To enable the Elements modules, you must activate the Elements. Go to

Appearance > GeneratePress > Elements > Activate

Elements Modules contain three sections: Header, Hook, and Layout.

  1. Header The Header element can help you create the header of your website. In the GP Element, you can create an image or text as a background or other content, and then design it in a way. i.e. HTML as well CSS are utilized in this element to create Page Hero.
  2. Hook One of the most effective features of GeneratePress Theme is a Hook Element. It allows you to add content in the hook available on your site. Users don’t need to make a Child Theme anymore. This allows an advanced level of customization for the blog.
  3. Layout It helps control the layout of specific pages, posts archives, and categories as well as on the entire website. It can help you style your site in a more sophisticated style.
  4. Block is one of the more advanced element modules available in GeneratePress Theme. Block Element helps in advance customizing your site using Block Editor instead of using HTML. You can mix Block and GenerateBlocks and create a distinct site footer, header right-sidebar, and left sidebar.

When using Element, you must use Display Rules. You have to specify the element to be displayed in different places. The locations can vary between whole websites or categories, pages, post tags, categories, etc.

Menu Plus Module can make the menu stickier on the canvas, off-canvas navigation, and mobile headers, for example. Menu Plus options can be located under the layout page, and Customize page, where you must look over the sections.

Menu Plus

Secondary Nav

By using the secondary navigation feature, you can create an additional menu using the layout, colors, typography, and more. It is necessary to enable Secondary Navigation in GeneratePress.

Appearance GeneratePress > Secondary Nav > and then click on Activate

Secondary Nav


Sections are the mini-page builder that is only available within GeneratePress premium. If you’re employing an advanced Page builder such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, you should avoid the use of sections.


If you’re employing Classic Editor, use sections in your pages or posts effortlessly. It is simpler to create an entire page using the available settings within sections.

In the most recent WordPress version, sections aren’t able to be utilized in conjunction with Gutenberg Editor. Therefore, GeneratePress works well with GenerateBlocks

Site Library

When you purchase the Premium version, you have complete access to a library of your site. You can download the entire library to your site and go live within a short time.

The site libraries can be imported using GeneratePress options as well as demo content. If you already have content, you can leave out all demo material. GeneratePress sites utilize the standard WordPress Editor, Elementor Pro or free versions, and Beaver Builder to create some of the demo sites and content.

Site Library

Importing the Site Library is straightforward and easily imported. To import a demo site, activate your Site Library in Premium Modules.

Appearance GeneratePress Site Library > and then click on Activate

There are more than 46 demo sites in the library, and it’s growing steadily, with a beautiful design theme.


The spacing can help control margin and padding as well as manage the size of GeneratePress. This module can be used in the header menu item, sidebar size, content padding footer widget, width padding and footer padding, secondary menus, etc.



The choice of fonts is essential when creating the site. With the typography module, you have the option of selecting more than 70 fonts from System fonts as well as Google fonts that will style your website.


You can alter the fonts used in each area within your GP theme. You can modify the Font family names, font variations, font weight, size, etc.., in the footer, header, sidebars, body, menus, etc.

Typography body


Woocommerce is a WordPress plugin that allows you to make an online shop. It’s a free plugin. So before installing this module, you should connect and enable the plugin on your site.


Woocommerce modules allow you to personalize your checkout, product, and product pages with the help of colors, layouts, typography, and design options for your website.


The first thing to do before buying a theme is their customer support. 

GeneratePress is available in two variations, free and premium. The free version of GP Theme has 900+ 5-star reviews at The support is impressive.


GeneratePress Premium support services are the best because of the willingness to assist and resolve the problem. Leo, David, and Tom himself are eager to answer the questions asked by clients.

I have personally asked about 10+ questions during this GeneratePress Review, and the majority of my issues were resolved. 


Documentation is an essential element of any project, which is why GeneratePress Theme has the best documentation section. There is a comprehensive description of each module, customizing Hooks, Filters, etc.

You can access GeneratePress Theme Documentation at The documentation is split into four sections, which is easy to browse and search for any tutorial in the Knowledge Base.

If you’re looking to learn more about Elements in GeneratePress Then you can look up it and get an extensive document. They have explained everything and every detail on their website.

Furthermore, you can also search for all related issues using Google Search. The GP documentation ranks higher in the search. This makes it easy to locate everything you need on Google.

Installing GeneratePress Premium 

To activate GeneratePress Premium Theme, first, you have to install the free version of GP. It is possible to install it in WordPress.

Installing GeneratePress Premium 
  1. Visit Appearance > Themes > Add New
  2. Search GeneratePress
  3. Install and Activate the Theme.

After activating the theme, you can download the GP Premium plugin on the official website.

  1. Go to the GeneratePress website.
  2. Click on Log in Menu.
  3. Log in with your username as well as the password.
  4. After will be automatically in the Download Section.
  5. Download GP Premium.
  6. Go on to your WordPress Account Dashboard.
  7. Go to Plugins > Add New.
  8. Click on Upload Plugin.
  9. Browse GP Premium.
  10. Installation and activate it.
  11. Go to Appearance > GeneratePress.
  12. Enter the License Key.
  13. Active the required GenratePress Modules.
  14. Enjoy the upgraded version now.

Is it True That GeneratePress is the Fastest Theme?

Google says that Speed is an essential factor in ranking, therefore, for both mobile and desktop versions, your website must be fast. The majority of users visit websites from mobile devices using 3G, 2G, or 4G and sometimes even WiFi, which is why it is vital to make your site load faster for mobile users.

Search Engines such as Google take care of 200 ranking factors, and the speed of pages is just an important one. Therefore, speed is an aspect that can help you outrank your competition in the SERPs.

Thus, our GeneratePress team is there to improve the speed of your site and its accessibility.

Before beginning GeneratePress Speed Test, you should install some of the speed optimization plugins and tweak the settings to improve your website’s performance.

Tom says GeneratePress 3.0 is a New Era update as it is among the most significant changes in the history of GeneratePress. Through GeneratePress 3.0, Tom has created a theme that is much lighter than before. It has saved 55 percent by combing 3 CSS into one main.min.css which reduces HTTP calls to just one and a lot of modifications in the code.

The Core Web Vitals is crucial elements to consider when Google considers speed as an indicator of ranking. Its Core Web Vitals mainly looks at the largest contentful paint and First Input Delay the Cumulative Layout shift. You can reap huge benefits from GP 3.0 so upgrade to the most recent version.

Additionally, Tom decided to test the 3.0 version of the program using Google Lighthouse, and here is the final result.

I can achieve a 99/100 rating on the Desktop in addition to 92/100 on the Mobile Version. So, based on these tests, I can declare that GeneratePress is among the most responsive themes on the market.

speed test theme

GeneratePress Tutorial

If you’re looking for the best tutorials on Genepress, then there are many tutorials on the web. 

If you’re using a GeneratePress Theme for free, then inquire about them on the WordPress forum support section. For Premium users, you can seek assistance directly through the official GP website.

Flexbox Grid vs Legacy Floats

With GeneratePress 3.0, new sites will utilize the Flexbox Grid. However, for existing users, you’ll be required to be using a grid system called Floats grid.

Flexbox Grid version is more lightweight than the legacy Floats grid-based system in which the users who are already using, it can toggle to floats and flexbox by using the Customizer.

It is important to note that your layout might change when you switch between floats and flexboxes. Therefore, be aware when making changes.

Flexbox Grid vs Legacy Floats
  • Go to Appearance > Customizer > General.
  • Select between  Flexbox as well as Floats in Structure option.
  • Hit Publish Button.

External File Dynamic CSS

In the latest GeneratePress Premium 1.11.0 update, you will observe a lot of changes, including performance enhancements.

Here we can find the feature known as the Dynamic CSS Printing Method.

In the past, GeneratePress was used to add the Inline CSS file below the main stylesheet. The new feature is that GeneratePress has added the option to create your dynamic CSS from the form of an external document. This can lead to significant improvement in performance.

External File Dynamic CSS
  • Go to Appearance > Customizer > General.
  • Select the External File option when you are asked for Dynamic CSS Printing Method.
  • Click Regenerate CSS File and Publish.


Although GeneratePress is the most efficient WordPress Theme, some themes on the market match the performance of GeneratePress.

Before buying a theme, users prefer to evaluate the theme. In this case, users often search generatepress premium review or for Astra review and make comparisons between these fantastic themes.


Astra is another fast WordPress Theme. Similar to GeneratePress, you can download Astra Theme for free, and for premium modules, you will have to pay.

Astro Pro starts at $59. Additionally, you can buy a small agency bundle up to one Agency bundle that includes an annual renewal or lifetime license.


Astra can be used with other page builders such as Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, and the most recent block editor Gutenberg. For white-level services, Astra Theme is the top of the line.

GeneratePress Review Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our comprehensive GeneratePress review. Even though you can get GeneratePress Theme for free, i suggest you try using the premium version of GeneratePress.

GP Premium provides full access to the library of the site and support, including a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 20% discount for each annual renewal.

Additionally, if you have any concerns, feel free to leave a post a comment in the comments section below.

FAQs on GeneratePress Review

What is the effective Web Builder to use with GeneratePress?

GenerateBlocks is the top page creator for GeneratePress. GenerateBlocks was developed by the same creator, Tom Usborne, the person who developed the GeneratePress WordPress theme.

Can you use GeneratePress Premium on Unlimited Sites?

The answer is no, GeneratePress premium theme can be used on up to 500 sites, according to the new guidelines. You could even use GP Theme to build client sites.

Do I have to renew my GeneratePress License?

Yes, renewing GeneratePress is not a requirement. A GeneratePress theme is not a requirement however if you want to have the latest version then you can renew the theme for $59/year.

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